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Mid-Year Boardroom Event Highlights

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“We have been blessed by having our coach and look forward to keep on learning from him. Already our sessions and material have saved us from making costly mistakes in the area in which we have chosen to initiate our passive income property venture, in Texas.”
Read More — Carlos and Maria R., Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico

“If I had not taken Rich Dad Coaching, I would have made some very bad property investment decisions for sure! My Coach didn't tell me what to do, he guided me on my decisions and constantly questioned my answers and thoughts making me focus in the right direction.”
Read More — Debbie C., South Africa

“We are so grateful to you guys for making a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others. Every like-minded person we run into who invests in real estate, was also inspired by you and your book. We have learned so much, have made so many mistakes, only to realize, that the “mistakes” is what got us to where we happily are today.”
Read More — Krystle C., Ontario, Canada