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Your invitation to get discounted access to the August 11th Boardroom event!

“I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to a world that will allow me to eventually be financial free. Each week he has inspired me to overcome my weaknesses and conqueror my goals. ”
Read More — Kimberly H., NY, USA

“We know that if we tried this on our own it would be much more difficult, and the chances of success would be slim. We want to thank you so much for offering a program that gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to get started and to make a difference for our family and our future.”
Read More — Brian and Katie W., GA, USA

“Your structured coaching process works, and you delivered what you promised. You helped us to develop a customized Rich Dad Strategy which identified our strengths and weaknesses, you provided plenty of homework addressing those strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, you encouraged us during the implementation of those strategies.”
Read More — Doug and Dona J., IL, USA