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Your invitation to get discounted access to the August 11th Boardroom event!

“I am so impressed with the education offered by Rich Dad coaching! I am confident all I need to know is available through Rich Dad coaching, and the intellectual and emotional support and mentorship has been far beyond my expectations.”
Read More — Cheri P., CA, USA

“All the instructors and coaches have been amazing. They are extremely helpful and know how to teach the curriculum in a way that even I can understand. ”
Read More — Ryan B., CO, USA

“I get so excited when someone will give me even a few seconds to put into words the gratitude I have for Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad Team. They changed my life and in doing so, changed others lives that I directly affect, including my children's lives. [We are] proud to say we reached our goal of acquiring passive income over expenses in our own personal lives.”
Read More — Lisa R., TN, USA