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“The coaching program has taught me how and what to think by breaking the larger subjects down and it taught me to learn about these smaller subjects one at a time, which has enabled me to actually do something. I feel now as though I am on the right track, a track that for a while now I’ve been uncertain about. .”
— Glen K., Australia



“It is people like you that make life worth living for. It is only through sharing the Rich Dad Philosophy that will help us to recover not just our great and beautiful nation, but the global communities as well..”
— Jason C., CA, USA



“I wanted to say special thanks for your Coaching sessions. I feel enriched by the interaction, by the process, and the material. I looked forward to your calls and the great optimism and encouragement you provided. I can honestly say I have prospered from the Coaching. I not only understand the theory, but have practical tools I’ve used to purchase profitable properties..”
— George F., SK., CA