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Create Your Personal Guide to Wealth

"If you want to be rich you need to learn to think like the rich, learn what the rich know and most importantly do what the rich do. The rich teach their children how to convert earned income into either passive income or portfolio income that will provide the cash flow to live the life they want to live.

To become rich you need to first change the way you think about money because your thoughts lead to your actions that lead to results. If you were raised poor or middle-class, chances are that you were not taught the fundamentals of finance. By having a personal coach, you can take these principles and apply them in your life. You’ll have the feedback and encouragement you need to help you get out of the Rat Race—just like my rich dad did for me."

—Robert Kiyosaki

Discover The Power of Working with a Personal Rich Dad Coach

Your coach works with you one-on-one to formulate a personal investment plan, laying out the steps that can help you become financially secure, comfortable and rich. Your coach's main focus will be to increase your financial literacy and help you learn and utilize fundamental investment planning tools to help you go from the E and S quadrants to the B and I quadrants—teaching you the principles that can get you out of the Rat Race!

Your personal guide to wealth may include investing in real estate, starting a business, investing in paper assets (or all three). The one-on-one attention with your coach gives you invaluable feedback as you develop your strategy for financial freedom. If you are serious about getting started, it's time to get your own Rich Dad Coach.

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