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There's an old saying that goes, "It's a recession if your neighbor loses his job. It's a depression if you lose your job."

Is U.S. economy heading into a recession?

recession coaching

Watching the financial news networks and reading the financial publications these days, you'll see many people asking if the U.S. economy is heading into a recession. From my vantage point, the answer is yes. I believe that for many people in certain industries, like real estate, the worst is yet to come. It's no secret - the downturn in the economy led by the sub-prime loan crisis has now bled itself into the mainstream. So many people are running scared - concerned about their jobs, income, and way of life. Their attitude is contagious, but what does this gloomy recession news mean for you?

If you have a high financial I.Q. you will do very well. The rich do not suffer in a down economy. In fact, it's during these times that rich will get even richer because they are poised to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented. I invite you to see how working with one of my coaches will help you thrive during volatile times.

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Take action. Get educated. Don’t be a victim.

—Robert Kiyosaki

The Power of Working with a Personal Coach

Your coach works with you one-on-one to formulate a personal investment plan, laying out the steps that will help you become financially secure, comfortable and rich. Your coach's main focus will be to increase your financial literacy and help you learn and utilize fundamental investment planning tools to help you go from the E and S quadrants to the B and I quadrants—getting you out of the Rat Race! Your personal guide to wealth may include investing in real estate, starting a business, investing in paper assets (or all three). The one-on-one attention with your coach gives you invaluable feedback as you develop your strategy for financial freedom. If you are serious about becoming financially free, it's time to get your own Rich Dad Coach.

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“This Coaching program has not only changed our lives, but the lives of our children and grandchildren. The education that we have received, we are passing on to our children and will affect generations in our family. We have already signed purchase agreements for 2 five-unit buildings and one four-unit building. Money has never been important to us, but our freedom and freedom for our children means everything!”
— Philip & Lisa H.