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  1. (True or False) Your house is your greatest asset

    For over 10 years I’ve been telling people that true assets put money in your pocket. For most everyone I know, their house takes money out of their pockets every month. The recent spike in foreclosures in the US only further proves that your house is not an asset.

  2. (True or False) Mutual funds are one of the easiest ways to save money

    The reason people love mutual funds is because they are so easy. In my opinion they are also one of the worst ways to get rich because they require little or no financial intelligence. The results they provide enrich the fund more than they do you.

  3. (True or False) The US dollar is worthless

    Since the US abandoned the gold standard in 1971, the US dollar has consistently been able to buy less and less. It is definitely worth less. This is why savers are losers—their dollars lose value every year. To get ahead, you need to be an investor, not a saver.

  4. (True and False) Real Estate and Gold are risky investments

    Always remember that you can make or lose money in anything. Ultimately, it is not gold, stocks, real estate, or any investment that makes you rich—it is what you know about gold, stocks, real estate, and money that makes you rich. Ultimately, it is your financial intelligence, your financial IQ that makes you rich.

Rich Dad Coaching Raises Your Financial I.Q.

The problem is, we aren’t taught how to raise our financial IQ in schools. I created Rich Dad’s Coaching to teach people how to become financially intelligent just like my rich dad taught me. My certified coaches will work with you one-on-one for up to 1 year to help you learn how to become an expert investor in whatever direction you choose to invest.

Every person in the world can only invest two things...time and money. If you are serious about increasing your financial IQ, then you need to invest just a few minutes and get a free introduction to learn how Rich Dad’s Coaching will work with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

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